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AHS 2023 | Examining sound hypersensitivity in patients with migraine

Phonophobia is a common auditory symptom of migraines. However, its pathophysiology and associated auditory changes during migraine are unknown. Caitlin Masterson, PhD, Clinvest Research, Springfield, MS, describes a study examining sound hypersensitivity in patients with episodic and chronic migraines, compared to a no-migraine control group, before and during a migraine attack. The Inventory of Hyperacusis Symptoms results showed that both migraine groups had significantly higher scores than the control group at baseline and during a migraine attack, indicating greater sound sensitivity in everyday life. The Uncomfortable Loudness Level (ULL) test was performed to quantify sound sensitivity. Both migraine groups showed substantially lower ULL levels across all frequencies compared to the no-migraine group at baseline. Finally, the Acoustic Reflex Thresholds (ART) test was conducted, and ART increased from baseline to migraine attack for both migraine groups. During migraine attack, both migraine groups displayed absent and/or elevated ART compared to the control group. This interview took place at the American Headache Society 2023 meeting in Austin, TX.

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