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ESOC 2023 | Predictors of recovery from post-stroke aphasia

Myzoon Ali, PhD, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK, presents the findings of an individual participant data meta-analysis assessing predictors of recovery from post-stroke aphasia. The study focuses on individuals who experience language impairment following a stroke, aiming to provide insights into their recovery process and outcomes. Unlike previous studies that often had small sample sizes and focused on a specific type of language impairment, Dr. Ali and her team collected data from 175 different datasets from 28 countries, to gain a broader overview of language impairments after stroke, including spoken language, auditory comprehension, word finding abilities, and functional communication. The study revealed that individuals who enrolled in research studies earlier in their recovery journey had a significantly higher chance of experiencing greater language gains. Furthermore, age was identified as a factor influencing language recovery. Younger individuals generally showed more significant improvements compared to older individuals, but even the older age group exhibited language gains. The study also uncovered sex differences in some domains, with women showing better outcomes compared to men in certain areas. Further exploration is needed to fully understand the extent and reasons behind these differences. Dr Ali emphasizes that therapy can be effective even in chronic stages of stroke recovery, and any communication improvement can have a significant positive impact on patients’ lives. This interview took place at The European Stroke Organisation Conference 2023 in Munich, Germany.

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