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CONy 2024 | Distinguishing functional cognitive disorder from other medical conditions

Narinder Kapur • 22 Mar 2024

The distinction of functional cognitive disorder (FCD) from other medical or mental health disorders that impact cognition is an area of ongoing study and debate. Narinder Kapur, PhD, Dip Psych, University College London, London, UK, outlines how the cognitive symptoms with a psychological basis, which are often associated with FCD, can be distinguished from the symptoms with an organic basis. Prof. Kapur highlights that, from anecdotal experience, patients with psychological-based symptoms tend to visit the clinic alone, whereas those with symptoms of a more organic basis will often attend with a partner and will look to them to help answer questions. He explains that psychological memory symptoms are often attention-based, such as the individual forgetting what they came into a room for or experiencing difficulty finding specific words. In contrast, cognitive symptoms with an organic basis may include navigation difficulties (especially to familiar places), repeating stories and questions, and forgetting recent events. This interview took place at the 18th Annual Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy 2024) in London, UK.

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