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BNA 2023 | Diagnostic challenges in atypical parkinsonian disorders

Boyd Ghosh, MBBS, PhD, University Hospital Southampton, Southampton, UK, introduces the challenges associated with diagnosing progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and corticobasal degeneration (CBD). These atypical parkinsonian disorders are rare and can often present like Parkinson’s disease early on. The overlap in clinical features has led to high error rates in clinical assignment of patients with these different syndromes. Additionally, corticobasal syndrome is caused by several underlying pathologies beyond CBD. Dr Ghosh highlights clinical pointers that can inform the differential diagnosis of these atypical Parkinsonian disorders, such as early postural instability/falls and slowing of vertical saccades for PSP, and unilateral akinetic parkinsonism and limb apraxia for CBD. This interview took place at The BNA 2023 International Festival of Neuroscience in Brighton, UK.

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Boyd Ghosh reports the following disclosures:
President of the BNPA (British Neuropsychiatric Association)
Trustee and research committee member PSP Association
Lectured for UCB and GSK on atypical Parkinsonism
Advisory board for NICE, UCB and Biogen
Drug trials for Biogen, Takeda, UCB, Pfizer, TauRx, Novartis and Laboratoire Français de Fractionnement et de Biotechnologies