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The emergence of psychedelic-assisted therapies

Emerging research into the use of psychedelic-assisted therapies to treat a broad spectrum of neurological disorders has sparked great interest within the medical community. The therapy refers to the use of a psychedelic, such as DMT, psilocybin or LSD, that is supervised and followed up by a trained therapist. Initial studies and Phase II and III clinical trials have demonstrated safety and efficacy of the therapies within a number of mental health and neurological disorders, including “treatment resistant” disorders.

Many of the drugs currently under investigation are, however, heavily restricted both under national and international governing bodies. The scheduling of such drugs adds substantial challenges for researchers studying their potential therapeutic effects and even greater barriers for their clinical implementation.

In this episode, leading experts Tadeusz Hawrot, Psychedelic Access and Research European Alliance (PAREA); and Ellen James, PhD, Director of Research and Development, Small Pharma, London, UK, discuss new research into psychedelic-assisted therapies and how the views surrounding psychedelics within the medical field are evolving.

Date: 3rd January 2023