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AD/PD 2023 | Ongoing efforts to improve levodopa-based treatments in Parkinson’s disease

Dag Nyholm, MD, PhD, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, explains the ongoing research efforts to improve levodopa-based treatments for Parkinson’s disease (PD). Administration of levodopa by intestinal infusion vastly improved the level of delivery for PD patients with severe fluctuations, but this treatment program is not without fault. Complications and discomfort associated with the tubing system are common and for this reason, subcutaneous levodopa infusions have been developed and are expected on the market soon. Levodopa-based treatment remains the gold-standard in PD, but there are ongoing trials to investigate different neurotransmitter systems other than dopamine, as well as trials looking at the potential of stem cell treatment. This interview took place at the AD/PD™ 2023 congress in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Prof. Nyholm has received grant support from EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND), Swedish Brain Foundation, Swedish Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Swedish Research Council, Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency); consultancy fees from Britannia, Medtronic, NeuroDerm, NordicInfu Care, Orion, Stada; lecture fees from AbbVie and Britannia; remuneration for participating in expert panels at the websites and; and publishing royalties from Liber AB. He has participated as an investigator in clinical trials sponsored by Dizlin, GSK, Integrative Research Labs, Ipsen, Lobsor, Neurolixis, Sensidose, Solvay/Abbott/AbbVie.