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BNA 2023 | Latest developments in stroke neuroprotection

Johanna Ospel, MD, PhD, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland, comments on the excitement surrounding the prospect of neuroprotective agents for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Dr Ospel notes that without recanalization, the certainty of ischemic cell death negates the use of neuroprotectants. The success of mechanical thrombectomy in achieving reperfusion in many patients has allowed the field to focus their attention on neuroprotection as the next frontier. Nerinetide is one of the most advanced agents in development, currently being studied in the Phase III ESCAPE-NEXT trial (NCT04462536) after showing a treatment effect in patients without thrombolysis in ESCAPE-NA1 (NCT02930018). This interview took place at The BNA 2023 International Festival of Neuroscience in Brighton, UK.

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Johanna Ospel reports the following disclosures:
Consultant to Nicolab