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WSC 2023 | Expansion of EVT for acute ischemic stroke: bigger strokes, smaller vessels, & adjunctive therapies

Keith Muir, MD, PhD, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, UK, discusses implementation challenges associated with the anticipated expansion of endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) for acute ischemic stroke treatment. He predicts the broadening of eligibility criteria for EVT, encompassing longer time windows, patients with more extensive ischemic damage, and medium vessel occlusions. The successful integration of these criteria into clinical practice requires further investigation. Prof. Muir touches on the RACECAT trial (NCT02795962) that investigated the comparative benefit of direct transportation to a thrombectomy-capable referral center versus a local stroke center. Implementation and care pathway optimization studies like these will be key to assess the feasibility of broader EVT use in different healthcare systems. Of excitement is the potential for adjunctive therapy to enhance brain reperfusion and optimize outcomes for stroke patients. This interview took place at the World Stroke Congress (WSC) 2023 in Toronto, Canada.

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